California Quotes

There is always something so delightfully real about what is phony here. And something so phony about what is real. A sort of disreputable senility.

Los Angeles is a large city-like area surrounding the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Los Angeles makes the rest of California seem authentic.

The chief products of Los Angeles are novelizations, salad, game show hosts, points, muscle tone, mini-series, and rewrites. They export all of these items with the twin exceptions of muscle tone and points, neither of which seem to travel well.

There is no culture here in California, only trash. The West Coast has no tradition, no dignity, no ethics – this is where that monster Richard Nixon grew up. One must work with the trash, pit it against itself.

This is asinine! A Caesar Chavez Day in California? Wasn’t he convicted of a crime?

What I believed in the Sixties: Everything. You name it and I believed it. I believed love was all you need. I believed you should be here now. I believed drugs could make everyone a better person. I believed I could hitchhike to California with thirty-five cents and people would be glad to feed me. […]