Court Quotes

A judge of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court found the long-winded speeches of lawyers especially trying and advised them to take a course of reading risque books that they might learn to say things by innuendo.

Once a lawyer was arguing a case before three lord justices in the court of appeal, dealing with an elementary point of law at inordinate length. Finally, the master of the rolls, who was presiding, intervened: “Really,” he protested, “do give this court credit for some intelligence.” Quick as a flash came the reply: “That […]

Should troubles incline you to law with a friend, You’d better remain as you are; If you take it to Court both must lose in the end – That’s the only relief at the Bar.

Court, n.: A place where they dispense with justice.

It is always term-Time in the Court of Conscience.

There are three ways, the Universities, the Sea, the Court.

The court is most merciful when the accused is most rich.

If there is any truth to the old proverb that “one who is his own lawyer, has a fool for a client,” the Court… now bestows a constitutional right on one to make a fool of himself.

We granted certiorari, and in this Court the parties changed positions as nimbly as if dancing a quadrille.

Bluster, sputter, question, cavil; but be sure your argument be intricate enough to confound the court.