Court Quotes

A court is a place where what was confused before becomes more unsettled than ever.

Courtroom: A place where Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot would be equals, with the betting odds favoring Judas.

Dictum is what a court thinks but is afraid to decide.

The courts are merely a ruse, if you will, for humanist, atheistic educators to beat up on Christians.

The (Supreme) Court’s authority – possessed neither of the purse nor the sword – ultimately rests on sustained public confidence in its moral sanction. Such feeling must be nourished by the Court’s complete detachment, in fact and appearance, from political entanglements and by abstention from injecting itself into the clash of political forces and political […]

I am bound by the laws of the United States and all 50 states… I am not bound by any case or any court to which I myself am not a party… I don’t think the Congress of the United States is subserviant to the courts… They can ignore a Supreme Court ruling if they […]

Go not in and out in the court of justice, that thy name may not stink.

Decisions of this Court do not have intrinsic authority.

Judge: I am no wiser now than when you began summing up. F. E. Smith: Possibly not My Lord; but better informed.