Fathers - Fatherhood Quotes

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

My father would never confront anybody about anything and is just kind and gentle. And my mother is really funny and sarcastic. But in my family, nothing was ever confronted. Yet now it’s easy for me to tell other people what they’re doing and how it makes me feel.

I’m 35 years old, I am a father of two, I’m a husband, so it’s just like I have so many lives other than my own that I have to take account for in my choices, my actions, and all of that.

The greatest of all time had to be Gene Kelly, man. Gene Kelly, because he’s a guy’s guy. I love Fred Astaire, but Fred Astaire was so smooth, and it was great. He was so classy. But Gene Kelly — he could be like somebody’s dad, who just decided to get up off the couch […]

My father, who was technically an immigrant—he came when he was an infant—wanted me to be an American, preferably an American president. He didn’t go to college. Before I was born he wanted me to go specifically to Yale, which he thought would help. It was easy for him to think I could be president: […]

My father was a handsome man. I was afraid of him and also a little in love with him.

You can’t be the dad who takes your kid out after your wife has said, “No ice cream,” buys the ice cream, and says, “Don’t tell your mother.” You teach the child to lie — and to disrespect the other parent.

My father was pretty busy. I mean, I learned more about him at his funeral than I did, really, growing up.

I’ve got one tattoo that I don’t regret. It’s my family coat of arms on my right shoulder. I got it in remembrance of my father. My father hated tattoos. It’s the Celtic paradox: Get a tattoo in memory of someone who hated tattoos.

My father was an actor. My mother had been an actress and she was a writer. I used to go to the studios where he was working. I used to go to theaters where he was rehearsing. It was all around me.