Ideas Quotes

The mind is independent of the man. He has no control over it; it does as it pleases. It will take up a subject in spite of him; it will stick to it in spite of him; it will throw it aside in spite of him. It is entirely independent of him.

I was one of those people who every time I looked at something it looks like it could be improved — there’s something wrong with it. So I’d go through, like, how could this restaurant be better?

Almost every idea I have that’s fun doesn’t sound that way to an insurance adjuster or a jury.

The way to get a good partner is to be a good partner, and these are very old-fashioned ideas and they just work so fabulously well.

Social media has absolutely opened up the fashion world to so many different people and ideas. We’re always expanding into new apps and new platforms and new things. It’s bringing the audience into the whole experience and really pushing people in the fashion world to be their most creative selves and to think, What can […]

I think you don’t get ideas by sitting at home and talking to yourself. I think you get ideas by getting out there.

I draw on the social sciences a great deal. I get a lot of ideas from them, particularly from anthropology. When I create another planet, another world, with a society on it, I try to hint at the complexity of the society I’m creating, instead of just referring to an empire or something like that.

As an academic, I like dissenting ideas, because out of them comes a deeper understanding of how things are or should be.

The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.

Science is a cemetery of dead ideas.