Parents Quotes

I was born rich. Not in tangible things, but rich in the parents I had.

If there are quarrels between the parents or if their marriage is unhappy, the ground will be prepared in their children for the severest predisposition to a disturbance of sexual development or to neurotic illness.

I invented Edna because I hated her. She was a silly ignorant, self-satisfied housewife. I suppose one grows up with a desire to murder one’s parents, but you can’t really do that. So I suppose I tried to murder them symbolically on stage. I poured out my hatred of the little people of their generation.

The end product of child raising is not the child but the parent.

What a difference it makes to come home to a child!

Parents are by no means exempt from the intoxication of dominion.

Parents especially stepparents are sometimes a bit of a disappointment to their children. They don’t fulfill the promise of their early years.

The character and history of each child may be a new and poetic experience to the parent, if he will let it.

How can children credit the assertions of parents, which their own eyes show them to be false? Few parents act in such a manner as much to enforce their maxims by the credit of their lives.

My dear Watson, you as a medical man are continually gaining lights as to the tendencies of a child by the study of the parents. Don’t you see that the converse is equally valid? I have frequently gained my first real insight into the character of parents by studying their children.