Political Correctness Quotes

Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.

Where women, oops, wopersons, no doubt personsstruate. It’s “The Language Personifesto” and a personsace to society with their personsdacious nonsense! The faculty obviously have lower IQs than Doberperson Pinschers, Gerperson Shepherds and personatees. With that personstality, they should be sent to a personsagerie where they can get treatment for a personstal illness! Would you want […]

Perhaps no wartime U-turn, though, has been more surprising than the conservative wing’s sudden, lusty embrace of political correctness in its effort to stamp out public dissent regarding the war on terrorism. The same right-wing ideologues who spent the last 10 years sounding alarms about the chilling effect of attempts to curb unpopular speech have […]

The pejorative term ‘political correctness’ was adapted to express disapproval of the enlargement of etiquette to cover all people, in spite of this being a principle to which all Americans claim to subscribe.

All too often over-looked in discussions of the matter is that at the root of the bias-free language movement lies a commendable sentiment -to make language less wounding or demeaning to those whose sex, race, physical condition or circumstances leave them vulnerable to the raw power of words… this is a matter that deserves rather […]

Sufficiently advanced political correctness is indistinguishable from irony.