Songs Quotes

In the last 10 years I’ve really learned to get out of my way creatively, because I used to go to those terrible songwriting sessions and sit bumcheeks clenched as I tried to write a song. Now I just write what I feel.

Dance music might seem disposable to some people who don’t know about it, but there are classics, and there’s good heart and songwriting in these records. And I want to be part of that wide world. I want to make classics.

One thing I do that no DJs do — I really understand songwriting, I think. Playing dance records is probably the most lucrative thing in my career when I DJ, but I’ve been producing for 15 years. I’ve produced so many records.

When I talk about how I came from a songwriting world — if you don’t like dance music or you don’t go to Tulum or Burning Man or Berghain or whatever — you can still listen to my album. You’re going to hear the Miguel song and go, “Oh this is comfortable for my ears […]

As far as knowing what a hit is before it is one, I’ve never been able to figure that out.

I’ve always had some huge songs that were outside cuts. I got a lot of friends that write really great songs! I wouldn’t have moments like “Little Red Wagon” or “The House That Built Me” if I was gonna write everything myself.

It’s a lot more fun to write with your friends and to celebrate success together when they’re attached to a song. But I try to put one song that’s a solo write on every record. It doesn’t always happen.

You gotta be a little bit innovative these days—especially because like 20,000 new songs come out every day on streamers.

I love doing my “Buried Treasure” show. It keeps me listening like I used to do. I always listen. I could come home and I would spend the rest of the night just lying on the floor or the sofa listening to albums. It was like a movie to me. I still do really, and […]

With Hall & Oates, there are a lot of songs I would redo.