Fulton John Sheen Quotes

The proud man counts his newspaper clippings – the humble man his blessings.

Whenever the laws and the customs of a country permit an arrangement whereby a woman can be discarded because she has dishpan hands, she becomes the slave, not of the dishpans, but of man.

A popular God-is-dead book in the United States argues that homosexuality will become normal in a humanistic society where there is no restriction of morals which come from religion. St. Paul declared homosexuality and atheism were related to one another as effect to cause.

If it be true that the world has lost its respect for authority, it is only because it lost it first in the home.

Do not mock the Gospels and say there is no Satan. Evil is too real in the world to say that. Do not say the idea of Satan is dead and gone. Satan never gains so many cohorts, as when, in his shrewdness, he spreads the rumor that he is long since dead. Do not […]

It is a fact that more crimes are committed in one year on television than in six major cities of the United States; a threat or an act of violence was enacted every two and one-half minutes on children’s television shows.

The basic reason why moderns disbelieve in hell is because they really disbelieve in freedom and responsibility. To believe in hell is to assert that the consequences of good and bad acts are not indifferent.

There was a preacher once who was saying to the congregation, “It is wrong to steal horses.” The congregation answered, “Amen, amen.” “It is wrong to steal cows.” “Amen! Amen!” Then he said, “It is wrong to steal chickens.” And someone shouted back, “Now he is meddling.” Up to that point, conscience was not touch.

Outer truths had such primacy that Christ was abandoned. As the Church drops certain practices and ideals, the world picks them up and secularizes them. As the rosary is dropped, hippies put them around their necks; as nuns drop the long habits, girls put on maxi-coats; as mysticism is forgotten, youths go in for psychedelic […]

If Christmas were just the birthday of a great teacher, like Socrates or Buddha, it would never have split time into two, so that all history before the advent of Christ is called B.C. and all history after, A.D.