Fulton John Sheen Quotes

Liberal Christianity has too long assumed that it is the sole business of the Church to beat the drums for social reform and to dance to the tunes piped for it by the latest moods and passing mental fashions.

The crown of thorns is the condition of the crown of glory.

Christendom is over, but not Christ.

The sight of a crucifix has a continuity with Golgotha; at times its vision is embarrassing. We can keep a statue of Buddha in a room, tickle his tummy for good luck, but it is never mortifying. The crucifix somehow or other, makes us feel involved. It is much more than a picture of Marie […]

Modernized, the Easter message means that God recycles human garbage. He can turn prostitutes like Magdalene into disciples, broken reeds like Simon Peter into rocks, and political-minded Simon Zealots into martyrs for the faith. God is the God of the second chance.

Notice how often today authors will have their picture taken with their book in their left hand, the title in full view of the camera, so that the photograph may tell the story: “Look Ma! My Book!” Television commentators have books on their desks with the title toward the audience so that the audience may […]

To Jefferson goes the credit of writing our Declaration of Independence. To Lincoln goes the credit of writing our Declaration of Dependence. Jefferson declared we were independent from tyrants; Lincoln added, we are dependent on God. The ethical complement to our Bill of Rights, he told us, is our Bill of Duties.

When our blessed Lord said on the night of the Last Supper, “One of you is about to betray Me,” eleven men leaned forward saying, “Is it I? Is it I? Is it I?” One man pulled back and said, “Is it I?” When one is falsely accused, he will advance toward the aggressor or […]

Beauty without virtue is like a fair flower that has an offensive odor. But true beauty bathes in that light without which nothing is beautiful. Beauty is a gift of God, like the rain. He allows the rain to fall upon the just and the wicked, and He gives beauty not only to the good, […]

Today’s atheism is not passive, like the old-fashioned atheism, which allowed believers to exist alongside of it; it is now militant, active, political, proselytizing, and communistic.