Fulton John Sheen Quotes

We do not have to fear atomic bombs; but we do have to fear Godless men.

The modern atheist is always angered when he hears anything said about God and religion. He would be incapable of such a resentment if God were only a myth.

Astronomer: To an astronomer, man is nothing but an infinitesimal dot in an infinite universe. Bishop Fulton J. Sheen: An interesting point of view, but you seem to forget that your infinitesimal dot of a man is still the astronomer.

Applause before a speaker begins his talk is an act of faith. Applause during the speech is an act of hope. Applause after he has concluded is an act of charity.

Americans… judge the value of everything by its size.

To tell a woman who is forty, “You look like sixteen,” is baloney. The blarney way of saying it is “Tell me how old you are, I should like to know at what age women are most beautiful.”

He picks up a stone to throw at an adulteress and forgets that he helped to make her one.