Rack Jite Quotes

It is said that the Internet is the first truly global market place of ideas. I find that a bit depressing realizing that the most traffic in global ideas are spread shots and bjs.

I think that anyone who wants to shove stuff up their butt should be able to keep whatever it is they stuck up there.

If drugs were made legal, what then would all those dealers be doing? Burglary, extortion, and armed robbery is my best guess.

By admitting to the need of drug testing, we are admitting that drugs do not affect the quality of one’s work. If someone is unproductive and drooling on the job, get rid of them, don’t suffer our society the indignity of exposing our genitals to strangers. And if drug use does not affect the work, […]

Opium has that connotation of prayer scrolls rippling in a wind of incense. It does not really fit well with the notion of American evangelical ranting and raving which is more akin to chasing down martinis with shots of tequila.

Who would you rather have fix your brakes, someone who smoked marijuana the night before or who drank a bottle of Jack Daniels. And the honest answer to that question is the problem we face in being credible to our children regarding this issue.

In a democracy, the power lies in the manipulation of public opinion; who controls information and education prevails.

Conservatives haven’t had a new idea since they began purchasing women in lieu of clubbing them.

Name me a conservative idea that is newer than five thousand years.

There are basically two kinds of conservatives; those who don’t got it and blame liberals and minorities for it, and those who got it and only care about keeping it that way.