Rack Jite Quotes

Do I have this right? The central theme of Christianity is that we can sin, rape, murder, pillage, torture all we like, but if we believe in Jesus we go to Heaven no matter? No wonder Christianity is so popular! Where do I sign up?

I suppose I reject Jesus mostly because of so many people who propagate such intolerance, bigotry, homophobia, ignorance, censorship, vengeance, sexism and selfishness in his name. Makes me sick, as I am sure it does him.

That basic argument that Christianity must be true because it’s been around for 2000 years would make Hinduism even more true.

I like Piss Christ for I understand what it is about. What has come to surround Christianity since it has been stolen and corrupted by the political Right.

It isn’t Christianity that is the defining aspect of American culture, it’s racism.

Will The Rapture be like The Night of the Living Dead with freshly arisen rotting Christian corpses bumbling about?

Perspective: If there were a million communists running around the Washington monument for a month building a giant statue of Lenin refusing to leave, what do you think we would do different than the Chinese?

All honorable men of good character who may be lucky enough to get a BJ, not only refrain from pointing the finger, but lie about it if asked.

If, as the polls show, people have no confidence in government, then how could those same people possibly advocate that same government using the unrecoverable process of execution as punishment.

I find it rather strange that the American people would be so haplessly petitioning the government they mistrust and hate so vehemently to execute more people, faster with less appeals.