Boys Quotes

A boy becomes a man when he stops asking his father for money and requests a loan.

Someone says, “Boys will be boys”; he forgot to add, “Boys will be men.”

The older a man gets, the farther he had to walk to school as a boy.

If I had a boy, I would say to him, Son, Be fair and be square in the race you must run, Be brave if you lose and be meek if you win, Be better and nobler than I’ve ever been, Be honest and fearless in all that you do, And Honor the name I […]

The boy is father to the man.

I like the boy. (Aussie TV personality, to Muhammad Ali in an introduction, this term was his catchphrase. Footage of this incident shows an irate Ali about to knock Newton’s block off. He, and most of the audience, had no idea why his hero Ali was offended or upset.)

Boys will be boys.

Back in the nineteen-hundreds it was a wonderful experience for a boy to discover H. G. Wells. There you were, in a world of pedants, clergymen and golfers, with your future employers exhorting you to ‘get on or get out’, your parents systematically warping your sexual life, and your dull-witted schoolmasters sniggering over their Latin […]

Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable.

When I grow up I want to be a little boy.