Boys Quotes

We think boys are rude, unsensitive animals but it is not so in all cases. Each boy has one or two sensitive spots, and if you can find out where they are located you have only to touch them and you can scorch him as with fire.

A boy is a magical creature – you can lock him out of your workshop, but you can’t lock him out of your heart.

The fact that boys are allowed to exist at all is evidence of a remarkable Christian forbearance among men.

The boys throw rocks at the frogs in jest. But the frogs die in earnest.

Whatever good there is in small boys is usually based upon their admiration for girls of their own age.

You’re going to learn that one of the most brutal things in the world is your average nineteen-year-old American boy.

A man can never quite understand a boy, even when he has been a boy.

When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President. Now I’m beginning to believe it.

A fairly bright boy is far more intelligent and far better company than the average adult.