China Quotes

If I were an Englishman, I should esteem the man who advised a war with China? There lies a sleeping giant. Let him sleep! For when he wakes he will move the world.

China to be the greatest living enemy of my country. You would be beaten in the end, and perhaps a revolution in India would follow.

Yes, it is indeed a great wall. (at the Great Wall of China)

You shouldn’t stay here too long, or you’ll turn slitty-eyed. (to some British students in China)

The farms of Shensi may be described as slanting… There are few genuine mountains, only endless broken hills, hills as interminable as a sentence by James Joyce, and even more tiresome. Yet the effect is often strikingly like Picasso.

All Chinese are Confucianists when successful, and Taoists when they are failures.

Chinese is a language of fifteen thousand words and none of them in English.

“We shall fight until all anti-Japanese feeling is stamped out and the Chinese are ready to cooperate with us.” I-wan stared at him, not believing what he heard. “You mean,” he repeated, “you will kill us and bomb our cities – and – and – rape our women – until we learn to love you?”

The people there gave us a certaine Drinke called Chaa, which is only water with a kind of herbe boyled in itt. It must bee Drancke warme and is accompted wholesome.

At five in the morning Peking has a disembodied air; its strange pearly quality achieves no sort of shape in the half-light; its outlines are blurred and misty; it is rather like existing within a seventeenth century Chinese water-color. It is lovely, but eerie.