China Quotes

The final death count was almost incredible, between 1,578,000 and 6,325,000 people. R. J. Rummel gives a prudent estimate of 3,949,000 killed, of which all but 400,000 were civilians. But he points out that millions more perished from starvation and disease caused in large part by Japanese looting, bombing, and medical experimentation. If those deaths […]

The Chinese said of themselves several thousand years ago: “China is a sea that salts all the waters that flow into it.” There’s another Chinese saying about their country which is much more modern – it dates only from the fourth century. This is the saying: “The tail of China is large and will not […]

China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese.

It (China) was the Middle Ages with electric light and no Pope.

If you ask a Japanese to choose between spending the rest of his life on an island with either a Chinese or an Englishman, he will pick the Chinese, who would presumably become his slave; the Chinese confronted with a similar choice, would almost certainly pick the Englishman, who he assumes might be educated to […]

When I edged up to the subject he said “Nyet, nyet. You are a subtle man, you are trying to trap me into talking about China. They are our allies, our good relations,” and here he stopped. I then said that without getting him “into the ally business, “I’d like to ask just one question: […]