China Quotes

If when I die I am still a dictator I will certainly go down into the oblivion of all dictators. If, on the other hand, I succeed in establishing a stable base for a democratic government, I will be remembered forever in every home in China.

The Chinese, who know more about wisdom than any other race, designate the wise by a combination of the ideographs for wind and lightning.

China is not, as is invariably said, in transition from communism to a freer and more democratic state. It is, instead, something we have never seen before: a maturing fascist regime.

China is a civilization pretending to be a nation.

When all the world was drinking blood From the skulls of men and bulls And all the world had swords and clubs of stone, We drank our tea in China beneath the sacred spice-trees, And heard the curled waves of the harbor moan. And this gray bird, in Love’s first spring, With a bright-bronze breast […]

People say airily, “The Chinese are so backward poor things;” my advice to such people is to go and see. They will find that the Chinese arrived at a certain point of civilisation centuries ago and remained there because they saw nothing in the progress of other countries which tempted them to imitate it. They […]

As an intensification and extension of the visual function, the phonetic alphabet diminishes the role of the other senses of sound and touch and taste in any literate culture. The fact that this does not happen in cultures such as the Chinese, which use nonphonetic scripts, enables them to retain a rich store of inclusive […]

The Chinese are only too often ready to sweep the dust of reality under the carpet of appearance.

Chopsticks are one of the reasons the Chinese never invented custard.

“We shall fight until all anti-Japanese feeling is stamped out and the Chinese are ready to cooperate with us.” I-wan stared at him, not believing what he heard. “You mean,” he repeated, “you will kill us and bomb our cities – and – and – rape our women – until we learn to love you?”