Rack Jite Quotes

I find it rather strange that the American people would be so haplessly petitioning the government they mistrust and hate so vehemently to execute more people, faster with less appeals.

If capital punishment is a deterrent, then why does Texas, which executes the most people per year have the highest murder rate? And why do the 12 states that do not have capital punishment have the lowest murder rates?

Is bigotry a lifestyle or an orientation?

Perhaps the problem is that Bibles are soaked in LSD before distribution. The more pages turned, the more it seeps into fingers and into the brain causing all sorts of silliness. So get LSD out of the Bible and onto album jackets where it belongs.

If you decide to try and change the world for the better, be careful, a good portion of people who have tried either get nailed to a tree or shot in the head.

Conservatives like to say that the success of America – premised on their false interpretation of Tocqueville’s Democracy in America – was because of Christian values disseminated through Christian churches. The fact of the matter is quite different, our success was most wholly due to stealing one of the most untouched temperate agricultural and mineral […]

I find it strange that the most right-wing crazy loon running for president, the most right-wing crazy loon Supreme Court Justice and the most right-wing crazy loon on the radio all happen to be black. Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas and Ken Hamblin.

We all know, left-right or up-down, that the result of ending Affirmative Action, which we are Hellbent on doing, will be less black faces in colleges, government, management and winners of contract bids.

The proof in the pudding for the need of affirmative action is so many white people bleeding from the ears to get rid of it.

Both the abortion issue and this years cuts in children’s programs show conservatives to be far more concerned with nonexistent children then they are with the real thing.