California Quotes

Big Sur is the California that men dreamed of years ago, this is the Pacific that Balboa looked at from the Peak of Darien, this is the face of the earth as the Creator intended it to look.

There may not be a Heaven, but there is a San Francisco.

California is a garden of Eden, a paradise to live in or see, But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot If you ain’t got the do re mi.

L.A. Is a meat factory that grinds people into neat little packages.

Isn’t it nice that people who prefer Los Angeles to San Francisco live there?

Back about in 48; or ’46 an eager-beaver American army officer captured California. You know what the State Department did? They made him hand it back. Seems he hadn’t touched second base, or something. So they had to go to the trouble of capturing it all over again a few months later.

California, n.: From Latin “calor”, meaning “heat” (as in English “calorie” or Spanish “caliente”); and “fornia'” for “sexual intercourse” or “fornication.” Hence: Tierra de California, “the land of hot sex.”

It’s a scientific fact that if you stay in California you lose one point of your IQ every year.

No man could find a better spot on earth, if only he had some intelligent person to talk to… Los Angeles is a waxworks museum. Everything looks real, then you notice it’s a fairly good replica which, however, never fools you.

I love California. I practically grew up in Phoenix.